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Feature Details

GPS Feature

Locate your device using the phone's GPS.

GPS Flare

Have your device send out its location on low battery.


Make the device ring on full volume.


Protect the app's settings from being changed.

SIM Monitor

Be alerted of changes in the SIM card or phone number.


Take a picture on-demand or on failed screen lock attempts.

Remote Lock

Engage a screen lock to prevent unauthorized access.
Requires Android 6.0.1 or less


Remove all personal data from the device.

Hide Icon

Hide the app's icon from the launcher screen.

Uninstall Defense

Prevent the app from being uninstalled.
Requires Android 6.0.1 or less


Trigger actions if your device's leaves a set area.

Theft Detection

Be alerted when your phone is possibly stolen.

Passive Location

Automatically update your device's location throughout the day.

Location History

Store your device's location history.

Motion Alarm

Set an alarm to protect your device from being taken. Will trigger an alarm if someone picks up your phone.


Remotly download your contacts in case your phone is lost.

Device Stats & Wifi

See stats about your device like battery level,if GPS is enabled, and nearby Wifi networks.