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It's not possible for any app to run without the device being on. The device must be on and have service in order for the app to work.
Android does not allow apps to enable or disable GPS for you. We recommend leaving GPS on if you want to be able to track your device. If you experice battery drain when leaving your GPS on, check out our blog for some tips.
Why disabling GPS doesn't save power.
GPS can fail to find the exact location of a device if too many material obstructions are in the way of the satellite signal. The most common places for GPS to fail are in hospitals or metal roofed office buildings. When the GPS application fails to get a clear reading of the latitude and longitude, the app will then send the user the network based location of their device. The network based location is the location of the closest cell tower to the device and could be several miles away from the actual location. Satellite locations are constantly changing because of the curvature of the Earth so if the GPS fails to get the exact location try again at a different time during the day.
Yes. With the free version you can have 3 devices on one account. If you have at least one device that has Pro you'll be allowed 10 devices on that account.
To add more devices simply log into your account though the app on the device you wish to add.
Yes, we now offer uninstall protection in the Pro version of the app. It will keep anyone from being able to uninstall the app.
The Pro version becomes linked to the Google Play account you purchased with. If you have other devices that use that same Google Play account then they will also get Pro. The Pro version does not however link to your Commander account and transfer to other devices that way.
Sorry but no. Rooted phones often are modified is such a way that will cause problems. We are not responsible if the app doesn't work on your rooted device.

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